Sole F85 Treadmill Review

Sole F85 Treadmill Review

Last Edited: May 21, 2021

Quick Introduction

Top of the line, ladies and gents! This is as good as it gets for the Sole folding treadmill line, with oversized 2.75″ rollers for optimal durability and comfort, a 4.0 HP heavy-duty motor, and – new for 2021 – an integrated tablet that supports Netflix, CNN, and more. While we already liked the functionality and sturdiness of the former F80, this is indeed the crème de la crème!

  • An All-new Android Touchscreen

Sole Fitness has upgraded the original 10.1-inch backlit LCD on the console. Unless you receive an old model, the one for 2021 is accompanied with an Android system with WiFi connectivity, screen mirroring, and multiple app support. Moreover, It offers Netflix, Youtube, ESPN, CNN, and more. Unfortunately, as of February 2021, the firmware seems to have a few bugs. For this reason, you currently won’t get to enjoy it to its full potential. That said, a firmware or software update from Sole may be all that is needed to address this issue. We will keep you updated!

  • 4.0 HP Motor

With the Sole F85, you will get a treadmill that provides comfort and performance.. It also packs a whopping 4.0 CHP (Continuous Duty Horsepower) motor, allowing speeds up to 14 mph. As result, the F85 can deliver a variety of activities from walking/jogging to sprinting/high-performance running. 

  • 22 km/h Max Limit and up to 15% Incline

Who knows, with this treadmill’s max speed, you may be able to keep up with Mo Farah! The incline on the F85 doesn’t disappoint either. Like the F80 before it, you get a 15% max incline, enabling you to shed those stubborn pounds faster while training your lower body simultaneously. 

  • A Variety of Training Options

The ten built-in training programs on the former models are also present on the F85 as well. You can choose from manual mode, two custom programs, two forms of heart rate training, cardio, hill, fat burn, strength, and HIIT. 

Similar to its siblings, the F85 can integrate with the new SOLE+ app supported by Android and Apple devices. This allows you to keep a record of your workout stats, personalize your workout experience, and transfer data to a few other fitness apps of your preference. 

We love how we could channel our inner explorer on the F-series treadmills, thanks to Kinomap. The app can sync with your treadmill and show you beautiful views of popular locations worldwide for an immersive virtual reality experience. 

  • Spacious Cushion Flex Whisper Deck

The running deck is just as roomy as the one on its younger F-series siblings, with generous 56 x 152 cm dimensions. This provides ample elbow and legroom even for tall and broad individuals. Dubbed ‘Cushion Flex Whisper Deck’ by the company, it’s super quiet. Therefore, don’t expect this to wake up anyone at home. In addition, the feature is supposed to decrease impact by as much as 40% compared to road running. 

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

You get two heart rate monitoring options with this one too. Aside from pulse-sensing handgrips, there’s a hands-free monitoring option, enabled by Bluetooth chest strap compatibility. This helps you stay in the recommended heart rate zone to best proceed towards your fitness goals. 

  • Easy Assist Folding Technology

The patented folding system by Sole that locks and unfolds the treadmill is ever-present on all the F-series models, and super-convenient too! Fold up the running deck and free some precious floor space, assisted by the hydraulic technology that ensures you don’t have to put in too much effort.

  • Other Features

The F85 does have Bluetooth speakers, but the faint buzzing sound they make is a bit annoying. The side rails are a tad shorter than we would’ve liked. The tablet holder is definitely useful since even the latest Sole software update (as of February 2021) seems to have failed in enabling Netflix, Youtube, etc., to function smoothly. Plus, you get cooling fans, an accessory tray, and two bottle holders. The 2.75″ rollers are also pretty amazing, and you can expect the deck to last long without wear and tear.


  • Attractive 10.1″ touchscreen with Android System
  • Top-of-the-line 4.0 CHP motor
  • Spacious 56 x 152 cm Cushion Flex Whisper Deck
  • 10 workout programs
  • Sole+ App connectivity via Smart devices
  • Kinomap compatibility 
  • Integrated tablet holder
  • Easy hydraulic folding technology
  • 22 km/h max speed
  • Up to 15% incline
  • Accessory tray and bottle holders
  • Cooling fan included
  • Integrated Bluetooth speakers
  • Two heart rate monitoring options
  • Sturdy build with 150kg weight limit
  • 2.75” rollers to maximize durability
  • Good warranty package


  • The all-new Android console has a few technical issues
  •  The Bluetooth speakers make a slight buzzing sound
  •  Incline changes may take time
  • Shorter handrails than we like
  • Hard to relocate at 127 kg

Warranty Summary

The Sole F85 comes with:

  • Lifetime motor, frame
  • 3 years parts & labour

Bottom Line

The F85 has been widely popular ever since its launch, but we recommend going for it only if you can comfortably afford it. To be honest, the 4.0 CHP motor may be unnecessary for a home treadmill, and the cheaper F80 also allows brilliant functionality at a lower price. Be mindful of the new console display and ensure Sole has taken care of the bugs (hopefully soon). We will keep you updated!


Sole F85 treadmill
Specifications Sole F85
Motor 4.0 CHP (5.5 Peak)
Speed 22 km/h
Incline 15%
Running surface 56 x 152.5 cm
Display 10.1" + Integrated Android System
Training programs 10
Web Connectivity
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 208 x 93.2 x 168.2 cm
Product weight 127 kg
Max user weight 150 kg
Warranty Motor: lifetime
Parts & Labour: 3 year
Frame: lifetime