ProForm City L6 Treadmill Review

ProForm City L6 Treadmill Review

Quick Introduction

The ProForm City L6 is the only City series treadmill available in the UK as of September 2021. It’s also the only one of its kind – ultra-sleek, super-compact, and minimalistic. As a cherry on top, it’s one of the lowest-priced treadmills by the brand as well.

Before you get too excited, the City L6 does have its limitations, making it unsuitable for many treadmill users. Let’s dive deeper into its specs to determine if it’s indeed a worthwhile purchase for you.

ProForm City L6 Treadmill Features:
5” LCD

We weren’t expecting a full-colour touchscreen at this price point anyway, and we’re fine with the small LCD on the console that displays all workout stats – simple and efficient! There’s also an integrated device shelf so you can place your own gadget and stay entertained. 

2.0 CHP Motor

There’s always a catch when you go for a budget treadmill. Here, it’s the 2.0 CHP motor; not so much of a problem if you plan on walking or low-intensity exercise, but definitely not made for extensive running sessions. Our experts recommend 2.5 CHP as the minimum motor power for jogging, so look elsewhere if you need anything more than brisk walks!

iFit Bluetooth Compatibility + Free 1-year Access

Free 1-year iFit access via Bluetooth is no more a surprise, being the norm with all ProForm models. There’s no integrated iFit-ready screen, so you’ll need your own device instead. If you’ve been following our treadmill reviews for a while now, you must have heard of iFit Coach and how we are addicted to this fitness application. From live personal training sessions to scenic virtual walking locations, marathons, challenges, and stat tracking, it has something for everyone. And the library of thousands of workouts helps a lot in keeping you hooked, too. 

14 km/h Top Speed Without Incline/Decline

Bad news for those looking for uphill running – the City L6 doesn’t have an incline option to maximize your calorie burn. The 14 km/h speed limit is lower than what most treadmills offer today, but it corresponds to the motor power, which isn’t strong enough to handle high speeds anyway.

Compact Footprint with Foldable Stow-away Design

If you hate the thought of a bulky treadmill getting in your way 24/7 only so you can use it for an hour daily, the City L6 could be the one for you. It’s made to be easily hidden away from view when you’re not using it. Simply fold down the console towards the deck, making it compact enough to stow under your bed, behind a sofa, or vertically against a wall.  

45 x 115 cm Tread Belt with Cushioning

Generally, a 120 cm deck is recommended for walking, and the City L6 nearly fulfills this requirement. Even our team’s tallest members had no problem walking comfortably. The ProShox™ cushioning is also worth mentioning. It provides a padded feel to your run by absorbing the impact of each stride to protect your joints. 


The City L6 comes with a Bluetooth heart rate receiver – a useful feature if you have your own chest belt for heart rate monitoring. The device shelf over the console is also quite handy. Other than that, there are no speakers, workout fans, bottle holders, or even side handlebars, all of which account for this treadmill’s compact design.


  • Budget-friendly treadmill

  • Slim and foldable stow-away design

  • 14 km/h top speed

  • Quiet 2.0 CHP motor

  • 5” LCD

  • Integrated device shelf

  • Adequate belt length for walking

  • ProShox™ cushioning to absorb impact

  • Bluetooth chest belt compatible

  • Suitable for walking


  • No incline/decline option
  • No side handlebars, fans, or speakers
  • Not sturdy enough to support heavy users
  • Not suitable for speeding up
  • No integrated pulse sensor for heart rate
  • iFit usage requires your own device
  • Lesser warranty than similarly priced counterparts

Warranty Summary

The ProForm City L6:

  • 1-year motor warranty
  • 1-year parts + labour warranty
  • 10-year frame warranty

Bottom Line

We don’t deny the innovation that ProForm has introduced with the slim, trendy City L6, but it’s not for everyone. With the specs geared more towards walking, and the light weight making it unsuitable for exertion, we recommend skipping this one if you need to speed up. For jogging treadmills, the ProForm Carbon TL and 505 CST are great choices, currently priced the same as the City L6. For heavier workouts, consider increasing your budget for at least a 3.0 CHP motor that lasts its worth. If, however, low-intensity usage is all you need, this is something you will appreciate to the fullest.


ProForm City L6 Treadmill

Specifications ProForm City L6
Motor 2.00 CHP
Speed 14 km/h
Decline / Incline 0%
Running surface 45 x 115 cm
Display 5" LCD
Training programs iFit
Web Connectivity
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 157 x 75 x 118 cm
Max user weight 110kg
Warranty Frame: 10 years
Motor (Parts): 1 year
Parts and Labour: 1 years