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ProForm 205 CST Treadmill Review

Quick Introduction

If you’re looking for a compact, budget-friendly home treadmill for rehab or walking purposes, the ProForm 205 CST is one such product from a reputable brand. Built to support light workouts, this iFit-friendly model has been around for over three years. It comes with a reasonable price tag of £599 with a host of features to provide a great workout experience. Seniors and those looking for casual walks can benefit by saving hundreds of pounds they would otherwise spend on treadmills with over-powered motors and extra bells and whistles they might not need.

Here’s everything you should know about the 205 CST:

ProForm 205 CST Features:
10” Smart HD Touchscreen

Enjoy the iFit-friendly 10-inch screen and swipe through thousands of video workouts and cool iFit features that will keep you engaged. While a tad smaller, this screen is a lot more functional than the T 9.5 S, and we love the uninterrupted streaming it allows. It makes up for the 4-inch lack of length with its improved dual-band WiFi, solving the connectivity issues we faced with the T 9.5 S. 

5” LCD Display

Featuring a simple display that tracks your workout stats, the 205 CST is made for no-frills, functional workouts instead of more expensive treadmills with their fancy HD touchscreens. The LCD shows your workout time, calories burned, distance walked, speed, incline level, and pulse rate while using the machine. 

1.75 CHP Motor

The 205 CST is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially those who like keeping their options open to walk, jog, and run as they please. If that’s the case, you would be better off with at least a 2.75 CHP treadmill motor. This one is exclusively a walking treadmill, although it could probably handle some jogging if you don’t weigh over 90 kg.

iFit Bluetooth Smart Enabled with Free 1-Year Access

Do you find walking on a treadmill boring? iFit is one fitness app that can make your workouts a lot more fun. The 205 CST is iFit Bluetooth-compatible, which means you can sync it with the app while using it on your own device. The free membership for the first year gives you plenty of time to test out the app’s features like its vast library of thousands of workout videos, worldwide virtual locations, stat tracking, challenges, and more. 

In case you want more options or don’t have an internet connection for iFit use, there are 16 preset goal-oriented fitness programs built into the treadmill. 

16 km/h Top Speed and up to 10% Incline

While the 205 CST has a wide speed and incline range, it’s not meant for intense exercise. Considering the 1.75 CHP motor, you should use it for walking or occasional jogging to preserve its life. The adjustable incline also goes up to 10%, so you can multiply your calorie burn by adding an uphill component to your walk. 

41 x 127 cm Tread Belt with ReBound Pro Cushioning

The 205 CST is made for restricted spaces, so the footprint is 20 cm lesser in both length and width compared to standard treadmills. This, however, makes it compromise on the tread belt length a bit, although it’s still better than many other compact treadmills. The 41 x 127 cm belt should be enough for walking, although very tall individuals with longer strides may not have the best experience, especially when speeding up. 

We also found the ReBound Pro™ cushioning technology to work well in absorbing the impact forces from our strides at its softest setting. Although ProShox™ cushioning in ProForm’s more advanced treadmills is even better, it isn’t adjustable like Rebound Pro™ cushioning that also gives you the option of a harder, road-like surface. The cushioned deck is helpful for those who often suffer from knee, back, or ankle pains after walking long distances; the shock absorbers minimize the stress on your joints, enabling you to work out longer and have a shorter recovery period. 

SpaceSaver® Design with EasyLift™ Assist

This top-of-the-line space-saving folding technology is used in many popular modern treadmills, enabling you to push up the running deck vertically to clear out floor space when not in use. You don’t have to worry about lifting the entire deck’s weight either, thanks to a built-in powerful shock that takes over while folding.

Pulse Sensors and Bluetooth Chest Strap Compatibility

The handlebars on the 205 CST have pulse-sensing handlebars like most treadmills nowadays. In addition, it is also compatible with Bluetooth chest straps if you need a wireless option for heart rate monitoring.

Accessory Features

iPod compatibility and two built-in speakers take care of your audio needs on this model, while the auto stop safety system helps you stay in control at all times. A tablet holder and an accessory tray add to your convenience as well. Moreover, transportation wheels make this treadmill pretty easy to relocate besides its considerably lighter weight than most modern-day machines. 


  • Budget-friendly walking treadmill
  • 5” LCD to display workout stats
  • Up to 16 km/h speed limit and 10% max incline
  • iFit Bluetooth enabled with free 1-year access
  • 16 preset workout programs
  • Foldable EasyLift™ Assist system 
  • Adjustable cushioning 
  • Easy to move and store
  • Compact footprint for restricted spaces
  • 3.5 mm mp3 jack and 2 speakers
  • Auto stop safety system
  • Bluetooth chest belt compatibility
  • Pulse-sensing handlebars
  • Tablet holder and accessory tray included
  • Good warranty package


  • Not enough motor power for long-duration jogging or running
  • Not as sturdy as a full-sized treadmill
  • The 115 kg weight limit is less than most modern treadmills

Warranty Summary

The ProForm 205 CST:

  • 5 year motor warranty
  • 2 year parts + labour warranty
  • lifetime frame warranty

Bottom Line

We have clearly established above that the ProForm 205 CST is only meant for people looking for a walking treadmill; from seniors to those undergoing rehab, this is a great option. All its features are made for making your walks more enjoyable, convenient, and comfortable, and the budget-friendly price point makes it even more attractive. However, if you need to keep your options open or plan on training yourself to speed up, we recommend looking elsewhere.


ProForm 205 CST Treadmill

Specifications ProForm 205 CST
Motor 1.75 CHP
Speed 16 km/h
Decline / Incline 0 / 10%
Running surface 41 x 127 cm
Display 5" LCD
Training programs iFit + 16 Workout Programs
Web Connectivity
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 168 x 81 x 140 cm
Max user weight 115kg
Warranty Frame: Lifetime
Motor (Parts): 2 years
Parts and Labour: 2 years

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