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NordicTrack EXP 10i Treadmill Review

Quick Introduction

New for 2021, the NordicTrack EXP 10i is a feature-packed, solid mid-range folding treadmill under £2000. We’re expecting these to entirely replace the T-series treadmills in the UK soon, as they have already done on the USA site. The EXP 10i is the only EXP series treadmill currently available in the UK, while the American website also has a much cheaper option – the EXP 7i. 

Overall, you can expect more or less the same features as the T 9.5 S with considerably improved functionality due to a few nice upgrades and bug fixes. They have traded some of the nicer features of the T 9.5 S for the lower price point, but those aren’t crucial. Below we have discussed all the details you should know:

NordicTrack EXP10i Features:
10” Smart HD Touchscreen

Enjoy the iFit-friendly 10-inch screen and swipe through thousands of video workouts and cool iFit features that will keep you engaged. While a tad smaller, this screen is a lot more functional than the T 9.5 S, and we love the uninterrupted streaming it allows. It makes up for the 4-inch lack of length with its improved dual-band WiFi, solving the connectivity issues we faced with the T 9.5 S. 

3.5 CHP Quiet Motor

The 3.5 CHP workhorse of a motor won’t let you down, enabling quiet, carefree, seamless performance. This is one feature that makes the EXP 10i great value for money, especially if you love speeding up and plan on using your treadmill for intense workouts.

iFit-compatible with Free 1-Year Family Membership

A free 1-year iFit membership is the norm for almost all NordicTrack models now; even the ones without a console screen come with iFit Bluetooth compatibility, free for the first year of purchase. This app could change your entire running experience, but before you get hooked, remember you’ll need to pay for membership the following year! We would strongly recommend anyone who gets easily bored on a treadmill to try out the app. It has a video library of thousands of workouts, offers live personal training with professional coaches, challenges and marathons, virtual running through scenic locations, stat tracking, and more. 

-3 to 12% Incline and up to 22 km/h Top Speed

Most NordicTrack treadmills offer a 15% max incline, but the EXP 10i falls a bit short at 12%. However, it does offer a 3% decline which many models don’t. While testing out the EXP 10i, we were impressed with quieter, faster incline drivers that made any incline adjustments a lot smoother. The 22 km/h speed limit also makes this great for runners looking for a solid machine to support their training. 

51 x 152 cm Tread Belt with FlexSelect™ Cushioning

Long-legged runners don’t need to worry about falling off when they speed up. The oversized tread belt comfortably accommodated the tallest of us without any hiccups. As always, NordicTrack’s signature cushioning technology doesn’t disappoint. While you can always turn it off for a harder, road-like feel, we recommend using this feature to protect your joints from heavy impact forces during use. 

Foldable Design

Even if you live in a congested London flat, you might be able to accommodate the EXP 10i after all. Its foldability makes it super-convenient for home use, enabling you to push the deck vertically up against the console once you’re done with your workout. The EasyLift Assist technology, a hydraulic folding system built into NordicTrack’s foldable models, further enables ease while bearing most of the deck’s weight.

EKG Handgrips for Heart Rate Monitoring

The EXP 10i isn’t compatible with Bluetooth chest belts for heart rate monitoring. Still, standard EKG pulse sensors are integrated into its handlebars, and they work pretty well, showing a near-accurate reading within seconds of holding them.

Accessory Features

There’s good news for music lovers – the EXP 10i is also compatible with Bluetooth headphones, giving you another option of listening to your iFit audio besides over the 2-inch treadmill speakers. This is also an upgrade from the T 9.5 S, which, while being able to play music from your phone on the speakers, didn’t offer output audio for earphone pairing. There’s also the AutoBreeze fan and integrated tray to add comfort and convenience during your run.


  • 10” Smart HD touchscreen
  • No connectivity issues
  • 3.5 CHP powerful motor
  • 22 km/h top speed
  • -3 % decline and 12% max incline
  • Smoother, quieter, and faster incline drivers
  • Free 1-year family iFit membership
  • EKG handgrips
  • Oversized tread belt suitable for tall runners
  • Optional FlexSelect™ deck cushioning for shock absorption
  • Great input/audio sound options
  • AutoBreeze™ workout fan
  • Integrated accessory tray
  • EasyLift folding system
  • 136 kg weight capacity
  • 1.9” rollers for durability


  • No Bluetooth heart rate monitoring option
  • 12% max incline instead of 15%

Warranty Summary

The NordicTrack EXP 10i:

  • 10 year motor warranty
  • 2 year parts + labour warranty
  • lifetime frame warranty

Bottom Line

The EXP 10i is pretty similar to the almost discontinued T 9.5 S, fixing all the problems we faced with that and adding some changes too. It’s basically for iFit lovers who like keeping their options open intensity-wise; the 3.5 CHP motor can cater to everything from quiet walks to extensive running sessions. However, if you aren’t planning on using iFit or only need a treadmill for light walking or jogging, you could easily save a few hundred pounds by going for a simpler treadmill with 3.0 CHP or lesser motor power.


NordicTrack EXP 10i

Specifications NordicTrack EXP 10i
Motor 3.5 CHP
Speed 22 km/h
Decline / Incline -3 / 12%
Running surface 51 x 152 cm
Display 10" Smart HD
Training programs iFit
Web Connectivity Limited to iFit
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 180 x 99 x 151 cm
Max user weight 136kg
Warranty Motor and Frame: 10 years
Parts and Labour: 2 years