NordicTrack Commercial 2450

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Review

Quick Introduction

The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is the big brother to one of the most popular treadmills on the market, the commercial 1750 which already comes with several great features and components.

The 2450 comes with a more powerful 4.0 CHP motor with internal cooling, suitable for high performance and longer duration running. It is also super quiet as a result of a larger motor case and high-grade insulation. The Commercial 2450’s 2-ply tread belt will also ensure a quiet and smooth workout.

The 2450 also adds comfort but a sense of realism to your walking or training needs. For those looking for comfort, the RunnersFlex(™) adjustable deck cushioning has FlexSelect(™). Toggling this setting one way activates cushions on the running deck which lessen impact to joints, particularly your knees and feet. The other way, the cushions are removed and your experience mimics that of running outdoors on asphalt.

The technology on this system is also superb. The treadmill features a massive 10 inch iFit and web-enabled touch screen. In addition to size, the color quality is great. It will keep you immersed in your workout, letting you work out for longer sessions. Imagine watching the daily news on BBC, or catching up on EPL highlights while going on your walk or run. Like your music, the 2450 is iPod compatible and comes with dual 3 inch speakers that pack a punch.

Like its younger brother the 2450 comes iFit ready. For those of you who are wondering what iFit is about? iFit is a fitness app (requiring a monthly subscription). It provides a variety of workout videos and experiences that can be played on several devices including the immersive 10” screen on the 2450. Want to take a walk down 5th avenue in Manhattan. How about a run along with Thames in London? It’s all possible with iFit. The app is preloaded with Google map runs that are visually presented on screen. As you’re walking or running, the power incline on this treadmill will adjust (if desired) to mimic the changes in elevation of your route. Impressive, right? The fitness app comes standard with a lot of the stat tracking you would expect –  sleep, nutrition, and workout tracking.


  • Impressive 4.0CHP motor with high-grade insulation and larger casing minimizes noise and vibrations and strong enough for high performance and/or longer runs
  • 55x152cm tread belt results in a massive running surface, suitable for taller folk
  • 2-ply lubricated tread belt makes for a quiet walk or run with less friction
  • RunnersFlex (™) running deck can be set with cushioning on or off. Two modes, with one cushions lessen shock and impact to knees and feet. The other deactivates cushions and creates a walking or running environment that mimics asphalt (outdoors)
  • Foldable design adds some portability to a treadmill that feels very solid and stable
  • 22 KM/H top speed suitable for runners
  • Set digital decline/incline from -3% to 15% to adjust workout experience and intensity
  • Highly immersive, web-connected 10 inch full-colour touch screen keeps you engaged during workouts
  • Interactive workouts as a result of 40 workout apps andiFit connectivity
  • Three fans to keep you very cool during your workouts
  • Heart rate monitoring via grip handle bars


  • Full iFit functionality has a monthly charge but is optional.
  • Max user weight of ~135 kg
  • Even though it’s foldable, it’s quite heavy at 135 kg so this impacts portability if you are looking to move to different rooms or floors easily
  • Self-assembly can be difficult for those of us who are not too handy (opt for outside help with assembly, it will be worthwhile)

Warranty Summary

The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 comes with:

  • 10-year motor warranty
  • 2 year parts + labour warranty
  • lifetime frame warranty

Bottom Line

The NordicTrack Commercial 2450 is nothing short of impressive. It really comes down to whether you need the extra punch this treadmill provides over its younger brother – the commercial 1750, or similar treadmills.  Consider how much you need the additional motor power for regular high performance running, and how much you would love the 10 inch web-enabled screen. If you like the extra punch, on sale, this treadmill could be had for an excellent price.


NordicTrack Commercial 2450 treadmill

Specifications NordicTrack C2450
Motor 4.0 CHP
Speed 22 kmh
Incline -3 – 15%
Running surface 55 x 152 cm
Display 10" Web-enabled Touchscreen
Training programs 40 Preset Workout Apps
Web Connectivity
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 196 x 97 x 175cm
Product weight 135 kg / 297 lbs
Max user weight 135 kg / 297 lbs
Warranty Motor: 10 years
Parts & Labour: 2 years
Frame: lifetime