NordicTrack C990

NordicTrack C 990 Review

Quick Introduction

The NordicTrack C990 treadmill is from the brand’s entry level C-line. Its specs within the C-line are second to the C1650.  While reading our review for the C990, if you feel like you need a bit more treadmill – features, quality components, and technology – definitely take a look through the brand’s commercial line. The better spec’d and equipped NordicTrack C1750 can often be on sale at prices that are not too much higher than the C990.

So, what can we say about the C990?

The price, particularly when on sale is quite attractive for a treadmill that boasts many of the features that you wouldn’t typically see at this price point across some other brands. Chalk this up to the size and scale of the NordicTrack. They are one of the largest makers of treadmills and due to economies of scale they are able to include higher-end specs and features in this entry level device.

Like treadmills from NordicTrack’s Commercial line, the C990 has Runners Flex(™) adjustable deck cushioning to give you choice on your walking or running experience. Do you want minimal cushioning to reflect outdoor conditions or enhanced cushioning to support your knees and feet? Well with the C990, it’s your choice.

The technology on this system is also solid. The treadmill comes with a 7 inch iFit and web-enabled touch screen. If you need more variation with your workouts or runs, the treadmill also boasts 32 preset workout programs. We personally like interval training! Also, isn’t going for a run easier with music? The C990 has an i-Pod compatible sound system with speakers. Mates, all the technology packaged into this machine will make your workouts more fun!

What we will say next with respect to the walking or running experience is that it is an ABOVE AVERAGE piece of equipment for those individuals looking to walk or go on lighter runs. For larger individuals or those looking for high performance training or running, the C990 is adequate but its 51cm by 152cm walking belt is not as wide as the one found on the NordicTrack C1750 or other comparable treadmills. The smaller 3.0CHP motor is durable, but for again for regular, high-performance running especially for larger folk, consider moving up.


  • Strong 3.0CHP durable for most individuals. For larger folk or those planning for regular sessions of high performance running, consider a larger motor. Otherwise, you are more than fine
  • For its class, a well sized 51x152cm tread belt and running surface
  • Dynamic cushion action via Runners Flex (™). The running deck can be adjusted so that it is either extra supportive and cushioned to ensure your walk or run is soft and comfortable on the joints. With a simple toggle this setting can be adjusted to eliminate cushioning and create a running experience that feels like you’re running outdoors. This is useful for those of you practicing for your next 5/10km run
  • Helping create a smooth and quiet running experience are large 2.5″ rear rollers supported by steel housing, and aircraft quality bearings.
  • Foldable design provides portability
  • 22 KM/H top speed suitable for runners
  • Power incline up to 12% allows you to mix up the feel and intensity of your run
  • Be productive, or thoroughly entertained via the impressive 7 inch web-enabled touchscreen. Need a different source of entertainment? There is also an integrated shelf for your iPad or tablet.
  • Engaging workout experience via 32 workout apps + ifit connectivity
  • Dynamic fan adjusting speeds to your workout activity (or can be set manually)
  • Heart rate monitoring


  • ifit comes with an additional monthly charge for full functionality
  • Not suitable for use if you weigh more than ~300 lbs. Consider a treadmill with a wider track belt and a larger motor if you are heavier, or intend to use the machine for more than casual walking or running
  • It’s a large sturdy treadmill but as a result takes up quite a bit of space and even though it’s foldable, it may be inconvenient to move around at home:)
  • Warranty not as extensive as brand’s Commercial line (eg. NordicTrack Commercial 1750)

Warranty Summary

The NordicTrack C 990 comes with:

  • Lifetime frame and motor warranty
  • 3 year parts and electronics warranty
  • 1 year labour warranty

Bottom Line

If you are….

  1. an average sized individual
  2. not planning to use your treadmill for regular, high-performance, intense running
  3. budget conscious but also value a quiet, durable, quality treadmill

Well. The C990 might just be right for you. If you want or need a bit more from your treadmill, check out these other options.


NordicTrack C990 treadmill

Specifications NordicTrack C 990
Motor 3.0 CHP
Speed 22 kmh
Incline 12%
Running surface 51 x 152 cm
Display 7" Web-enabled Touchscreen
Training programs 32 Preset Workout Apps
Web Connectivity
Heart rate monitor
Dual EKG Grip
Dimensions 216 x 91 x 158 cm
Product weight 90 kg / 198 lbs
Max user weight 125 kg / 275 lbs
Warranty Motor: 10 years Parts & labour: 2 years Frame: lifetime