NordicTrack 1750 vs ProForm 5000

NordicTrack 1750 vs. ProForm 5000 – How Do They Compare?

Anyone looking for a sturdy treadmill that supports heavy workouts at home should know about the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. It has been in the market for a few years now but never fails to impress us with each upgrade, topping our treadmill rankings for the past couple of years. 

While we’re always singing praises for the C 1750, it’s worthwhile to note that there are plenty of alternatives to this market-leading cardio machine, the best match being the ProForm Pro 5000. Both are heavy-duty, sturdy treadmills under the £2000 mark.

ProForm and NordicTrack are sister brands, with their treadmills manufactured by the same company, ICON health and fitness. Therefore, similarly priced products from either brand often resemble in terms of features and performance. The C 1750 and Pro 5000 are remarkably alike, with differences as minor as the arrangement of their console buttons. 

Despite their similarities, we have a detailed comparison ahead, NordicTrack 1750 vs. ProForm 5000, to spot the few variations there are.

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill
ProForm Pro 5000 treadmill

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 and ProForm Pro 5000 – Comparing the Specifications

The chart below sums up most features you should be concerned about while treadmill shopping. Note how remarkably alike the two treadmills are by having a look at their individual specifications and read on as we discuss each aspect one by one.

Specifications NordicTrack C1750
Motor 3.75 CHP
Speed 22 km/h
Incline -3 – 15%
Running surface 55 x 152 cm
Display 10″ HD Touchscreen
Training programs iFit.+ 50 Preset Workout Apps
Web Connectivity Limited
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 200 x 99 x 160 cm
Product weight 110 kg
Max user weight 135 kg
Warranty Motor: 10 years
Parts & Labour: 2 years
Frame: lifetime
Specifications ProForm Pro 5000
Motor 3.75 CHP
Speed 22 km/h
Decline / Incline -3 / 15%
Running surface 55 x 152 cm
Display 10″ HD Touchscreen
Training programs iFit + 50+ Preset Workouts
Web Connectivity Limited
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 205 L x 98 W x 180 H cm
Product Weight 140 kg
Max user weight 135 kg
Warranty Parts & Labor: 2 years
Motor: 5 years
Frame: Lifetime

Treadmill Performance 

First things first – will your treadmill be able to keep up with your workout intensity? If you’re serious about breaking a sweat on your cardio machine, you always need to check the motor’s specifications and speed and incline range. On the other hand, if you’re specifically buying a treadmill for light usage, steering clear of stronger motors can save you a lot of money while delivering the kind of performance you need. Let’s get into the details about how well the C 1750 and Pro 5000 perform.

Motor Power

At 3.75 CHP, both the treadmills are geared towards serious runners and heavyweight users needing an exercise machine for home workouts. To give you an idea, our minimum recommendation for treadmill runners is 3.0 CHP, or 3.5 CHP if you’re above 90 kg. This means you can expect some exhilarating running sessions on the C 1750 and Pro 5000 without worrying about burning out the motor. The self-cooling capabilities and quiet functioning of the motors are also worth mentioning. Our testers actually found both quite smooth and noiseless.

If speeding up is not your intention, save yourself a few hundred pounds and get something like the NordicTrack S 45i, which can be a great value when on discount. Otherwise, your money will end up getting wasted on all the extra motor power you are never going to use.


How fast do you plan on going? The C 1750 and Pro 5000 have a wide speed range, so most users will find both adequate for their needs. The 22 km/h speed limit means you can run, jog, or slow down as you need. 


Most treadmills in the market reach a maximum incline of 10 to 15%. With these models, you get a 15% max incline, along with up to -3% decline. Using the incline option has plenty of benefits, such as being great for multiplying your energy expenditure, resulting in faster calorie burn. It also works the leg muscles since uphill walking is generally more challenging and is less stressful on the joints than walking over a flat deck. In case you’re training for road running, the decline feature can help mimic the outdoors better.

User Comfort and Convenience

Secondary to treadmill performance, features that enable your convenience and workout comfort are necessary if you wish to make the most of your purchase. The dimensions of your treadmill’s belt, any integrated shock-absorbing system, and whether your treadmill folds up or not can make a lot of difference. Even accessory features like bottle holders and fans, while seeming relatively unimportant, can be quite handy. 

Let’s see what the ProForm Pro 5000 and NordicTrack Commercial 1750 have to offer for your comfort.

Running Deck

Even the tread belt dimensions on the C 1750 and Pro 5000 are identical, at 55 x 152 cm. This makes their running surfaces large enough for most users, with the ability to accommodate longer, faster strides and large, swaying arms. Even our largest team members loved how freely they could move, with ample room for their legs and elbows. 

The Pro 5000 features ProForm’s signature ProShox™ cushioning, dampening the impact from each step to protect our joints. Analogous to this shock-absorbing technology, RunnersFlex™ cushioning on the C 1750 keeps your knees and ankles pain-free after using the treadmill. 


It’s great to have a folding system on modern-day home treadmills to free up your floor when you’re done with your daily workout. Both the C 1750 and Pro 5000 have the EasyLift Assist™ feature that helps elevate their running decks vertically for compact placement. 

Accessory Features

Both treadmills feature dual workout fans, an integrated tablet holder, and accessory holders for your convenience. 

Entertainment and Workout Options

Although we’re treadmill enthusiasts, we admit our workouts just seem to drag sometimes. That’s why we recommend preferring equipment with immersive features like iFit compatibility, challenging preset programs, or at least a device ledge to place your tablet or smartphone so you can stay entertained. Here’s what the Commercial 1750 and Pro 5000 provide for your entertainment:

Display and Audio 

Whether you choose the C 1750 or the Pro 5000, you’ll be getting a 10-inch HD touchscreen over the console. This is an iFit-integrated screen, made primarily to use the fitness app while you walk. 

Each model also offers dual 3-inch speakers so you can connect your iPod or mp3 player and play your favourite tunes aloud. iFit has also recently introduced Bluetooth headphone compatibility for devices integrated with the app, so you have an option besides your treadmill speakers to listen to its workout videos. 

Workout Options

NordicTrack and ProForm almost always offer compatibility to iFit Coach with their treadmills. This is usually accompanied by a free year-long membership to the fitness app as well, so you get plenty of time to test it out before having to pay for access to its features.

In our case, iFit has proven to be a game-changer during treadmill workouts. For starters, it has a library with thousands of videos, so you’re always learning new ways of staying fit. The live personal training option also enables you to train under world-class coaches who motivate you with each step. 

Owing to our passion for travel and exploration, we especially like the virtual running locations option, powered by Google Maps. This feature enables you to enjoy scenic paths worldwide, right over the HD display. With both incline and decline features on these two treadmills, this can get quite realistic as your equipment automatically adjusts its slope to mimic that of your chosen route. 

iFit also has marathons and challenges to keep you pumped, besides a stat tracking option that records your sleep, nutrition, and activity. 

Along with their iFit-compatible touchscreens and the app’s free one-year subscription, you get 50 preset workouts with each of the two treadmills. This way, you always have plenty to work with, even if your iFit membership expires or your WiFi connection is too weak to operate the app. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Pro 5000 and Commercial 1750 offer similar technology for heart rate monitoring. Besides having mainstream handlebars with integrated pulse sensors, they also support Bluetooth chest belts, so you have a hands-free option to track your heart rate. 

Durability and Sturdiness

The C 1750 and Pro 5000, while cheaper than many modern treadmills, aren’t exactly low-budget purchases either. When you’re spending that big an amount, you should always look for elements that indicate the durability of your purchase. Sometimes, the exterior can be enough to warn you that whatever you’re considering buying is cheaply made. Other times, you might need to dive deeper into a treadmill’s specifications for warning signs of poor manufacturing. 

Let’s go through a quick analysis of the C 1750 and Pro 5000 to predict their durability.

Overall Look and Feel

With their oversized running decks, stable handrails, and large consoles equipped with a screen, fans, and speakers, these treadmills are impressive at first glance. 6And they don’t disappoint when you have a closer look, either. The C 1750’s 110 kg weight and Pro 5000’s whopping 140 kg weight reinforces their frames for extra stability to accommodate heavy users just as easily as petite ones. While their heaviness is undoubtedly a problem when you wish to relocate your equipment to another room, it’s actually a favourable characteristic durability-wise. 

User Weight Capacity

With their ability to accommodate up to 135 kg, these treadmill models can work well for most of us, but we recommend getting something with a higher capacity if you’re too close to this limit. 

Warranty Package

Finally, a slight difference! The C 1750 offers a 10-year motor warranty in contrast with the 5 years that come with the Pro 5000. Other than that, both have a lifetime guarantee on the frame and 2 years on parts and labour. 

One significant problem is NordicTrack and ProForm’s poor customer support. This means if you face any issues, there’s a high chance of going through a tedious process for getting it fixed.

Roller Size

The C 1750 and Pro 5000 owe their smooth running to their 2.5” precision-machined non-flex rollers as well. These balanced rollers contribute to the treadmills’ noiselessness and enhance grip, decreasing tension on the belt and minimizing wear, reducing the maintenance required over time. 


If we compare their original prices, Pro 5000 is only £100 cheaper than the Commercial 1750, which is priced at £1,999. However, both are frequently available at a discount, which slashes their prices by at least a couple hundred pounds. While these models are already good value for money, consider it a bargain if you come across them on sale. 

Why Choose the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 over the ProForm Pro 5000

While both treadmills are almost equal in all aspects, here’s how the C 1750 has some leverage over the Pro 5000:

  1. The C 1750 is on sale, making it cheaper than the Pro 5000
  2. You are ready to spend £100 more for the extra 5-year motor warranty
  3. You need to relocate your treadmill often, so you wish to go with the lighter choice (the C 1750 is 30 kg lighter, at 110 kg weight)

Why Choose the ProForm Pro 5000 over the NordicTrack Commercial 1750 

Alternately, you could go for the Pro 5000 if:

  1. You need to go with the slightly cheaper option and don’t mind the lesser motor warranty
  2. The Pro 5000 is on sale, making it significantly cheaper than the C 1750
  3. You need a very sturdy machine for heavier users; the 140 kg weight of the Pro 5000 makes it more stable

Reasons to Look for Alternative Treadmill Options

The C 1750 and Pro 5000 might not be the best for you if:

  1. You don’t intend to speed up on your treadmill
  2. You have budget constraints
  3. You don’t need iFit and prefer a simpler running machine instead

Alternatives to the ProForm Pro 5000 and NordicTrack Commercial 1750 

In case you need more options, the following treadmills are similarly priced alternatives to the two we just discussed:

  • ProForm Pro 9000 – Featuring an awesome 22-inch touchscreen, you’ll not want to step down from this one! Recommended for all gadget freaks. 
  • Sole F 85 – Its stronger motor and higher weight capacity make it perfect for heavy users. While originally priced much higher than the C 1750 and Pro 5000, it’s often available at huge discounts that slash its cost to under £2000.
  • NordicTrack X9i – If you need steep, calorie-torching incline walking sessions, the X9i is one of the best options for you, reaching a maximum incline of 40%.


While a lot of well-deserved hype surrounds the Commercial 1750, it doesn’t mean that no other treadmill can match its standards. After testing both these models, we found it difficult to judge which was better. Ultimately, the C 1750 wins popularity-wise, but the Pro 5000 is an equally excellent but underrated alternative that can be purchased confidently.