Matrix Fitness

Matrix Fitness Review

Last Updated: August 15, 2021

Matrix Fitness manufacturers elite exercise equipment primarily for commercial use and is a subsidiary of Johnson Health Tech., a large Taiwanese-based multinational company. Readers may not be too familiar with the Matrix brand, but they are one of the fastest growing in the world with a large presence in Asia.  In some regions such as the USA, they are also offering treadmills and other equipment for home use. Stay tuned UK readers!

How does the industry view Matrix?

The brand is known for top quality parts and construction, as well as innovative design and technology. Its connected consoles are especially applauded due to their fitness tracking functionality and their entertainment options. Forget about just watching live TV on these treadmills, you could also connect with a personal trainer via their Personal Trainer Portal to keep your daily workouts fresh and new. Want an even more immersive workout? Matrix also offers Virtual Active on its treadmills. Virtual Active will connect your console and treadmill to a real life route – say for example, the streets of Venice. Every step you take, you make progress on your journey through Venice. Walking towards an uphill portion of the route? Be ready for an increase in the incline of your treadmill. Sounds fun and immersive, no?

The innovation is even present with their workout programs. They have partnered with Phil Campbell and brought Sprint8 (R) workouts to some of their treadmills. These innovative programs leverage leverage HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and have been delivering excellent results for users.