Life Fitness Platinum Club Series

Life Fitness Platinum Club Series Review

Quick Introduction

Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, LifeFitness Platinum Club Series.  This is the league that this treadmill is in – the highest echelon of treadmills.   This is a fitness club quality treadmill in the comfort of your own home.

This LifeFitness Platinum Club Series comes outfitted with the luxurious SE3 console – this touchscreen console controls your experience (aka your workout) on this amazing piece of equipment.  19” integrated TV with various entertainment options, web connectivity, and the ability to control and customize your workout out programs; it’ll be difficult to get off the Platinum Club Series!  Connect to Netflix™, YouTube™, and various other apps to enhance your experience – while you choose between various exciting workout programs – such as Lifescape™ interactive courses, or run a 5k or 10k!

Want to ensure that your treadmill doesn’t clash with your workout space?  The Platinum Club Series comes in four fantastic colour schemes that will be sure to fit in well with your space: Arctic Silver, Diamond White, Black Onyx, and Titanium Storm.  It was quite the debate between the team deciding on which colour is preferred, as all four are fantastic options.

The Platinum Club series treadmill makes you feel as if you’re working out in one of the most posh fitness clubs in the world!


  • SE3 Console: as mentioned earlier, this is entertainment console really sets the Platinum Club Series apart from other treadmills: 19” touch screen, TV and web connectivity, Lifescape™ workout programs that can be loaded as a HD hike in another part of the world à it really is a thing of beauty! Any piece of technology that enhances the workout experience is a big plus to our team; the more enhanced the workout experience, the more likely you are to enjoy it!
  • Limitless Workout profiles: This club style treadmill comes with another club style feature – limitless profiles!  Really make the most of the treadmill by letting all the family, heck  – even your mates set up their own profile so they can track their progress while they use this magnificent piece of workout equipment
  • Track: the track area is wide at 153cm length by 56cm width, allowing the tallest and extra girth individuals an optimal amount of room to have a great workout; in addition to the size of the running track, the track comes equipped with eight shock absorbers, limiting the impact to your joints! The less impact the better, that’s our motto!
  • 50 Workout Programs: selection, selection, selection – 42 workout programs, with 8 custom workouts ensures that you are never bored!
  • Speed, speed, speed: this beautiful machine gets up to 19km/h! Run at the speeds comparable to the great Mo Farah!
  • Incline: with the 50 workout programs– the options are endless; but that would be incomplete without the ability to incline; incline up to 15%
  • Bells & Whistles: Reading rack, two bottle holders, and accessory tray à giving you a real fitness club vibe
  • Warranty: Frame – lifelong; Parts – 10 years; Labor – 1 year


  • Assembly: We have received some feedback that assembly maybe a tad bit challenging for some; might be better to invite a mate to help you out; next pint is on you!
  • Price: This is at top end of the treadmill price range
  • Space: This treadmill doesn’t fold and is quite a big piece of equipment

Warranty Summary

The Life Fitness Platinum Club Series comes with:

  • lifetime motor warranty
  • 3 year parts + labour warranty
  • lifetime frame warranty

Bottom Line

A great treadmill that makes your home gym feel like one of the most prestigious fitness clubs in all of the United Kingdom! Our team thinks this treadmill is a great addition to your home, and has all the bells & whistles one could want. However, keep in mind that this treadmill costs upwards of £9,000+ so it is quite the investment – but like they say, you pay for what you get. And at that price, you certainly do get a lot.


Life Fitness Platinum Club Series treadmill
Specifications Life Fitness Platinum Club Series
Motor 4.0 CHP
Speed 19 kmh
Incline 15%
Running surface 56 x 153 cm
Display 19" Web-enabled Touchscreen
Training programs 42 Preset Workout Programs / 8 Custom
Web Connectivity
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 203 x 94 x 158cm
Product weight 201 kg / 444 lbs
Max user weight 180 kg / 400 lbs
Warranty Motor: lifetime
Parts & Labour: 3 year
Frame: lifetime
Deck: lifetime