Life Fitness F3 Treadmill

Life Fitness F3 Treadmill Review

Last Updated: March 23, 2021

The Life Fitness F3 Folding treadmill is a popular model by the brand with enough features to function as a smooth-running piece of home equipment. With a whopping 159 kg weight capacity, it’s built like a tank to accommodate heavy users without compromising durability.

Here’s everything we like (or don’t!) about the F3 treadmill:

  • 3.0 HP DC Motor with 6.0 HP Peak

While the 3.0 HP motor power is not ideal for intense running, it works for people who only need walking or jogging with the occasional sprint. It’s a good upgrade from the 2.5 HP motor on its younger brother, the F1 Smart treadmill. Unless you’re a pro athlete who never likes slowing down, this motor should last. 

  • Dual Console Options with Multiple Workout Programs

You get the option to use the Go Console or upgrade to the Track Connect Console by Life Fitness on the F3 treadmill. 

The Go console has enough options for beginners to figure out the treadmill and allows for a fair amount of functionality. The Track Connect console is a bit more advanced, offering features like iPod compatibility and connectivity to the Life Fitness Virtual Trainer website. This allows customization of your training programs, leading to unlimited workout variety.

  • 51 x 140 cm Deck with Shock Absorbing Feature

The 51 x 140 cm running belt is a reasonable size, even for tall individuals. We like the Flex Deck shock-absorbing system that provides up to 30% more cushioning compared to running on asphalt, reducing the chances of joint pain and injury.

  • 16 km/h Max Speed with up to 12% Incline

You can reach speeds up to 16 km/h on the F3 treadmill. While it’s still somewhat behind the max speed of many modern treadmills, it should be enough for beginners and moderate-level users. You also get an incline option – up to 12% – that speeds up calorie burn and makes your calves, thighs, and glutes work harder for mass and strength gains.

  • Dual Heart Rate Monitoring Features

We liked having two options for heart rate monitoring on the F3. There are the mainstream touch pulse sensors and also hands-free monitoring via a Bluetooth chest belt as an extra perk. 

  • Convenient Folding Option

You can save precious floor space with the folding feature on the F3. It’s right there when you need a good workout, then folds up and rolls out of the way once you’re done. After your training session, simply lift the tread deck and drag it into a corner, taking help from its four wheels. A child safety lever is added to the design for latching the upright deck into place. When released, the deck softy falls to the ground without any alarming thuds.

  • Energy Saving Mode

You don’t have to worry about power consumption upon leaving the F3 turned on when you’re not using it. The energy-saving feature reduces electricity usage by 90% when the treadmill is on standby.

  • Other Features

Also incorporated in the F3 treadmill’s design are two cup holders, an accessory tray, and an ergobar for stability.


  • LCD screen
  • Go/Track Connect console options
  • 3.0 HP motor with 6.0 HP peak
  • 51 x 140 cm running deck suitable for most people
  • Cushioning technology that reduces impact up to 30%
  • 16 km/h top speed
  • 12% max incline
  • Touch pulse sensors for heart rate monitoring
  • Telemetry for Bluetooth chest strap
  • Convenient gas-assisted folding feature
  • Child safety lever
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Two cup holders
  • Integrated accessory tray
  • Ergobar for stability


  • No cooling fans
  • Could have more value for the money
  • No immersive workout options like in other modern treadmills
  • Mixed views on customer support

Warranty Summary

The F3 treadmill comes with:

  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • 10-year motor warranty
  • 3-year parts and labour warranty

Bottom Line

While it’s certainly an improvement from the former F1 Smart treadmill, we only recommend the F3 treadmill to heavyweight users who need a durable piece of equipment with a sturdy frame. Otherwise, you can get treadmills like the NordicTrack c1750 with its powerful motor, engaging display, and iFit compatibility at much cheaper rates.


ProForm Performance 600i treadmill

Specifications Life Fitness F3
Motor 3.0 CHP
Speed 16 km/h
Decline / Incline 0 / 12%
Running surface 51 x 140 cm
Display 4” x 6” LCD (Go Console), 7” LCD (Track Console)
Training programs 14-16 (Track Console), 13 (Go Console)
Web Connectivity
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 200 x 88 x 149 cm
Max user weight 159kg
Warranty Motor: 10 years
Parts and Labour: 3 years
Frame: Lifetime