How to Use a Treadmill for Weight Loss

Shedding pounds can be quite challenging for many people. Along with limiting your calorie intake and watching what you eat, it’s best to exercise as well to speed up the burning of excess fat on your body.

While treadmill running can be an excellent way to lose weight, not everyone is successful in doing so. This could be for a number of reasons such as an unhealthy diet, or just using a treadmill at low speeds. 

Here’s how to lose weight with treadmills fast:

Take Up HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on a treadmill is done by pushing yourself to reach high speeds for a few seconds, then going back to moderate speed to catch your breath. Research shows that HIIT burns 28.5% more fat than moderate-speed exercise at a constant speed. 

  1. Spend the first 10 minutes doing a basic warmup. Start by a brisk walk, and speed up into a light jog.
  2. Now amp up the speed to 10 mph for 30 seconds or so.
  3. Slow down for 2-3 minutes – around 3.5 to 4 mph.
  4. Speed up again at 8 to 10 mph for as long as you can.
  5. Slow down for 2-3 minutes, and continue alternating speeds like this at least 6 to 7 times. You may increase your treadmill incline for an added challenge.
  6. Cooldown by walking at a slow speed for 5 minutes, stretch, and hydrate.

This was just an example of a typical HIIT treadmill workout. You can make your own workout at different inclines, speeds, and duration of high-speed running.

Steep It Up

Running on a flat treadmill surface isn’t as challenging, so it’s no wonder that incline walking multiplies your calorie burn. Try using the incline feature on your treadmill to the max, and speed up weight loss while reducing joint injuries!

Follow Your Heart (Rate)

Staying in your fat-burning heart rate zone can help you burn maximum calories per minute. Most treadmills have built-in pulse sensors to detect heart rate. You can also use a separate chest belt or wear some heart monitoring fitness gadget to track your beats per minute. 

First, you’ll need to subtract your age from the number 220 to get your maximum heart rate. Your fat-burning heart rate zone will most probably be 70% of this number.

For some people, the fat-burning heart rate zone maybe 55% of their maximum heart rate. For others, it may reach up to 80%. A personal trainer can help you determine the correct value for you.

Avoid the Plateau

If you work out at the same speed and intensity regularly, you are likely to soon reach a phase at which your body feels no more challenged by the exercise. Your calorie burn might slow down and you may end up in a weight loss ‘plateau’ where you find the scales stuck at the same weight.

What you need to do is introduce variety in your workouts. If you walk one day, jog the other. Surprise your muscles by challenging them with slightly higher max speeds every week. Your heart will pump and the calories will burn off.

Watch What You Eat

The key to losing weight is creating a ‘calorie deficit’ in which the calories you take in through food are lesser than the calories you burn in a day. This causes your body to break down your own fat for energy, ultimately leading to weight loss.

You need to make sure you’re eating low-cal foods and avoiding excess fat and sugar. Make protein your best friend, and have three balanced meals a day while keeping your portions in control. Avoid junk, sugary, deep-fried, and excessively fatty foods. Use fitness apps for calorie tracking if you aren’t sure about your diet and exercise pattern.

Run Towards a Healthy Weight

Following all the above tips will help you make the most of your treadmill if weight loss is indeed your goal. Go through our treadmill buying guides and reviews of the latest models on My Treadmill Reviews UK and invest in your health by getting the best machine in your budget.