Last Updated: August 15, 2021

I say “home gym”, you say BOWFLEX!  The two terms go hand in hand; when you think of home gym, it is impossible not to think of Bowflex.

The creators of such innovative fitness products, such as the Bowflex Max Trainers (M3, M5, M7) and the TreadClimbers – it’s no wonder that this brand is one of the top in the world.

Look at the results these hybrid trainers can get you; they are bar none.  The 14 minute max trainer – has been a game changer in many ways – ensuring that everyone can make fitness and health a focal point in their lives.

What Bowflex has done, is put a whole body workout into a fun, easy to do, and very timely program.  We have been thoroughly impressed with these machines.

Not only are the programs fun, they limit impact, and give you great results!   Bowflex is also known for its great quality, and range of machines for each price range. 

Peruse our Bowflex reviews, and learn how these fantastic machines can be part of your home gym, and your fitness journey.