BH Fitness I.RC12 Treadmill

BH Fitness I.RC12 Treadmill Review

Last Updated: March 23, 2021

If you need a home treadmill or one for light commercial use, this is something you’ll like – the BH Fitness I.RC12 treadmill is a sturdy piece of equipment in the semi-professional category. This non-folding treadmill is made to withstand a whopping 150 kg max user weight and has plenty of features to allow good functionality.

Here’s everything you need to know about the I.RC12:

  • LED + Dot Matrix Screen 

The Dot Matrix monitor on the BH Fitness I.RC12 console offers 6 LED windows along with 14 preset programs. Allowing 3 user profiles, it provides the option of body fat testing and a Heart Rate Control program. The i.Concept feature further opens up multiple workout options by enabling you to sync the treadmill with various popular fitness apps.

  • 4.5 CV/3.0 CV Motor

The treadmill comes equipped with a top-notch motor with a 4.5 CV peak, made to withstand over 20 hours of weekly use. It can easily bear regular usage in commercial places like hotel gyms and the like. Thanks to its solid motor, everyone can benefit from the I.RC12, from beginners to serious athletes. 

  • 22 km/h Top Speed

A speed range of 1 to 22 km/h is best for anyone and everyone. Whether you want to use it for light walking or need some intensive calorie-torching sessions, the I.RC12 has your back. 

  • 15% Max Incline

Need to get your legs in shape besides getting all the cardio benefits? The BH Fitness I.RC12 offers up to 15% incline so you can maximize your workout’s effectiveness. Besides multiplying calorie burn, incline walking makes your calves and hamstrings work harder for mass and strength gains.

  • Spacious Running Deck with Double Shock Absorption 

We found the 55 x 155 cm running deck big enough to allow the tallest and broadest members of our team to train comfortably. Moreover, the Smartkonik + Flex system on this treadmill doesn’t disappoint. You’ll be able to run without any worries of impact forces that later cause joint pain, thanks to this two-fold damping technology. 

  • Dual Heart Rate Monitoring Features

Alongside contact heart rate measuring, the I.RC12 offers telemetric monitoring and is compatible with Bluetooth chest straps to help you stay in the right heart rate zone. This can help speed up your fitness progress.

  • Other Features

Also included in this treadmill are two speakers, a cooling fan, transport wheels, and a smartphone/tablet holder. The energy-saving ECO mode is also worth mentioning, reducing power consumption by 25%.


  • Sturdy frame with 150 kg weight capacity
  • LED + Dot Matrix screen
  • 22 km/h top speed
  • 15% max incline
  • Spacious running deck (155 x 55 cm)
  • Double damping system (SmartKonik + Flex)
  • Heart rate contact grips + Bluetooth and telemetry
  • Smartphone/tablet holder
  • Integrated cooling fan
  • Two speakers
  • Transport wheels to facilitate portability
  • Energy-saving ECO mode


  • Heavy piece of equipment at 137 kg
  • Non-folding design
  • Not enough customer reviews to predict long-term performance 
  • Lesser warranty than popular treadmill brands

Warranty Summary

The I.RC12 treadmill comes with:

  • 2 year parts & labour

Bottom Line

The I.RC12 has a strong motor, great speed and incline capabilities, and a sturdy frame. It’s made for light commercial use of over 20 hours per week and can withstand up to 150 kg user weight. With integrated programs and i.Concept technology that works via Bluetooth 4.0 to provide compatibility with feature-packed fitness apps, it allows engaging workout sessions. Dual damping technology further enables comfort, as does the spacious orthopedic tread belt. Overall, our verdict is good for this one, the downside being a lack of customer reviews to actually predict long-term performance.


ProForm Performance 600i treadmill

Specifications BH Fitness I.RC12
Motor 3.0 CHP (4.5 Peak)
Speed 22 km/h
Decline / Incline 0 / 15%
Running surface 55 x 155 cm
Display LED + Dot Matrix
Training programs 14
Web Connectivity
Heart rate monitor
Dimensions 200 x 94 x 147 cm
Max user weight 150kg
Warranty Parts and Labour: 2 years
Motor and Frame: 8 years